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ohDisco! is a Visualization and Ambient Light for the Apple iPad. With over 20 Smooth, Beautiful and Hypnotic Animations, ohDisco! is the best way to enjoy the iPad's brilliant screen when it's not being used otherwise!

ohDisco! gives you full control over Color, Speed, Interactivity and More, the combinations are endless. ohDisco!'s exclusive "Pulse with Microphone" feature allows it to make use of the iPad's Microphone to pulse the Animation's colors in time with Music. Get your iPad Grooving Today.

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  • Over 20 Different Animations
  • Full Red, Green and Blue Palette Control
  • Interact with Animations via Touch
  • Animation Reacts to Microphone Input Beat Detection
  • Speed, Shuffle and Autolock Controls
  • Shuffle on Touch
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iPad, iTunes, AppStore and Associated Trademarks are Copyright © 2024 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
ohDisco! Contains Animations Under GNU General Public License from 1E Disco Dance Floor
ohDisco! is Copyright © 2024 Phil Tucker All Rights Reserved.